Monday, June 3, 2013

Welcome To Cambodia

It's official, after two days of plane-hopping across the globe, our team of short-term missionaries has arrived to Cambodia's capital city, Phnom Penh.  Three days in, it feels as if we have already done so much, and though it would be fun to talk about it all, I am going to skip the majority of what the city has to offer to a foreign traveler so I can hone in on why our team is here in the first place:  to participate in what God is doing in the country of Cambodia through the efforts of the World Relief staff that He has raised up.  Within 30 minutes of arriving at World Relief Cambodia, we were worshipping The Lord in Khmer, the language of Cambodia.  Praising Jesus by listening and dancing to songs we can't sing and don't understand might seem uneventful, but on the contrary, knowing that the unintelligible shouts and praises were being sung to the God who promises for every tribe, tongue, and nation to bow before Him led our team to an immediate connection with our Cambodian family that only The Lord can provide.  As the sun rose only to be outpaced by the rapidly rising temperature (it gets hot here, ok), our team began to meet the people we worshipped with and form what we hope will turn into fast friendships over the next two weeks here as we participate in their lives.  They are not only a humble and caring group of Godly men and women, but funny, smart, and talented - I get excited just at thought of what God is going to do with our friendships in only two weeks time.  Saying that, as much as I would like to continue writing about our new friends and our experiences with them, there are six other team members who are going to elaborate on our time thus far in Cambodia, and since I am just the introductory blogger for this trip, I'm going to let them expound all the more on our experiences as a team.
Until next time,
- Drew

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