Friday, June 14, 2013


While we did come on this trip as a part of a church, we are not walking the streets of Phnom Penh preaching on street corners. Nothing of that sort.  We are teaching an English class to about 30 World Relief staff members. It is hilarious and so much fun! Drew and I have the intermediate class—which just means our “students” are all over the place with their English proficiency. Most of the students in our class want to practice their English in order to be better able to communicate with the foreign volunteers who come to serve in the World Relief office. Specifically, they want more practice sharing about the work that they do at World Relief. So our culminating project is a letter they are writing that explains their background, information on Cambodia, their spiritual journey to date, and the work they do in the World Relief office. The hope is that as they have an electronic copy of their letter they will also be able to share it with potential donors they come in contact with.

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